The BTS of CL Lashes

From the start all the way to where we are now!

This page is an insight to how our brand itself was created and how it went from just a small idea to a real business.

The Story Behind The Product

CEO, Charlotte Yates

As some of my lovely customers will know, I created this brand as I have always loved makeup and beauty because of the freedom it can give a person - to enhance natural beauty to make yourself feel more confident or even just because you want to. For years now I myself have struggled with pulling at my eyelashes and eyebrows, this is known as Trichotillomania, which meant I never really had the 'stereotypical' nice long eyelashes where I could just put mascara on and go. I became reliant on eyelashes to make me feel more confident because of this.

Over the years now I still struggle with this condition but I'm now more in control of feeling confident whether I have strip lashes on or not, however when I wanted to wear them I used to wonder if I could just have what I would call my 'perfect' eyelash. I put pen to paper and started to design a whole bunch of ideas to create a brand of eyelashes that I knew I would love and want as someone who wears them religiously.

Charluxe Lashes was then created and the hunt for the perfect collection started, I wanted to create a wide range of styles, lengths and dimensions. I knew myself that I always wanted to change up my lash choice wherever I was going, so this had be reflected in the collection. After 2 years I was finally in a place where I was able to fully commit to the idea and make my dreams come true. I'm so proud of the whole collection and so glad I get to share it with you all to enjoy.

Thankyou x

CL Lashes

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